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Artsnb Online Program Applications

This was a very large project where I was tasked with creating a system that would allow users to apply for artist grants online. This involved converting a LOT of paper forms into an electronic equivalent. Once a user creates an account they can then apply to various programs. All information is stored in a database. Artsnb staff can then process the applications received for a specific deadline and award grants to the winners of each competition. Created using PHP, mySQL, HTML, and CSS.

The site features the following:

  • User registration and login
  • Separate staff login with corresponding rights and permissions
  • Ability for users to apply for grants online
  • Home "page" where they can view or edit existing applications, as well as change personal information
  • Admin page where staff can create/edit accounts, search for users, search for applications, create applications, and generate reports

Site URL:

User registration form
User "homepage" once they login
Once an application is started the steps required are displayed. Each step opens a corresponding form
Example form for the first step of an application
Staff "homepage" features many more administrative options