Security and Reliability for Your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the web’s most popular and powerful content management systems. With popularity comes risk – it is frequently targeted by hackers aiming to infiltrate sites, distribute dangerous software, place malicious ads, and generally cause havoc.

Keeping software up-to-date is crucial for security and stability. Regular, proactive updates are simpler and safer than large-scale, infrequent updates. While no one can guarantee a perfectly secure site, choosing a robust hosting platform and keeping WordPress software and plugins updated are critical preventative measures.

The WordPress Assurance Package Includes:

Priority Response Time

Get immediate assistance, jumping to the front of the line for all your requests.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Enjoy peace of mind with 99.99% uptime, ensuring your site remains accessible and reliable.

Optimized Performance for WordPress

Your site runs smoothly and swiftly, enhancing user experience.

Cloudflare Advanced Network Security

Protect your site with advanced security measures that guard against threats.

Proactive Threat Detection & Blocking

Stay ahead of potential risks with proactive monitoring.

Free SSL Certificates

Secure your site’s connections and build trust with visitors.

Regular Software Updates

Benefit from automatic updates to WordPress core software and plugins.

Automatic Cloud Backups

Daily backups of your site files and database are stored securely in the cloud.

Free Migration

We will take care of all the details in migrating your site files and database from your current host.

You’ll also receive up to x number of hours per quarter of additional maintenance, support, and communication, available during regular business hours.*

We will work with you to determine the appropriate number of support hours. Plans are generally available in 3, 5, 10, or 20 hour allotments. **

* 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM AST, Monday to Thursday, excluding holidays and planned vacation periods.
** Reserved support time does not roll over to the next quarter.