Where Code Meets Creativity

Hello! With more than 13 years of creating custom WordPress solutions and what feels like a lifetime in IT, my career kicked off during the days of dial-up and now, I’m here to provide the final piece of your online puzzle.

But it’s not just about code. My world is a tapestry of books, language, and technology. I believe in the power of words, and through my work, I help stories to unfold and knowledge to be shared.

Solving puzzles is what drives me—turning your challenges into opportunities to showcase the power of tailored WordPress solutions. With a canvas as flexible as WordPress, the possibilities are endless, and I am passionate about transforming your vision into a living, breathing digital reality.

photo of Matt Tibbits

My Values


I pride myself on clear, concise communication. I will respond to your inquiries, large or small, in a timely manner, minus the technical jargon.

Code Quality

I continue to work hard to set up systems that allow me to create websites that are lean and mean. With quality code, well thought out site structure and quality plugins, Tibbits Consulting websites load quickly and stand the test of time.

Strong Relationships

When working with a client, I always think about the future. I don’t want to create a website and walk away, nor do I want you to need a new website every couple of years. I want to give you a solid foundation that will adapt to your future needs and create a long-lasting relationship to ensure the continued functionality of your website.

Accessibility is a Priority

I’m committed to creating websites with inclusive design that are accessible to all, ensuring no visitor is left behind.